6 Ways You Can Get More Out Of Instagram

September 19th, 2018 by in Instagram, Social Media

The Instagram algorithm is constantly being developed to provide a better experience for the users of the app. With automation bots on the rise, our main focus needs to be on getting real engagement with real people.

Here’s a handful of actions that you can start today:

1) Rock Star Bio

  • Focusing on what people read first when they visit your profile is time well spent. There are several things you could do so let your creativity soar. Maybe tell them about your company, encourage them to engage with you, or find a way to provide value to them (like with an article on how they can get more out of instagram ), etc…

2) Stories & Highlights

  • Stories are quickly becoming instagram’s favorite feature amongst it’s users. Developers have set these as their main focus for new features moving forward to continue the growth. You can create polls, have people ask you questions, send them to websites / videos to watch, etc…

3) Comments, Likes, Saves, Shares, And Your Replies Matter

  • When your audience is actively engaged in your content and you are actively engaged with your audience, instagram views this as a sign that other people will also engage with your content. When they want more people to see your content, they promote it. This is when the power of the platform can really help you out.

4) Don’t edit your posts

  • Do you ever publish your post and immediately notice an error? Good thing you’re quick and edit it right away so that no one will notice. This is when the power of the platform can really hurt you. No matter the reason behind you editing a post, instagram flags edited posts away from their algorithm. The reason is that they no longer know the real stats behind the post and user’s engagement. Some people will still see it, but it wont ever qualify to be a promoted post.

5) Hash Tags

  • In an effort to help combat spammy posts, they’ve come up with a system that watches for posts that use the same hashtags over and over again. Instagram wants you to use just a few specific hashtags that are relative to your post.

6) Locations

  • Adding locations is a great way to attract local attention to that area. You can tag specific locations, towns / cities, or even states.

In general, Instagram wants you to use their features and get your audience to use them with you. The more you can do that in a non-spammy way, the better they’ll promote your content to their massive user base.

We hope these were helpful to you and your accounts! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

– Andrew Kaser

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