You Need A Short Check Out Process

November 30th, 2018 by in User Experience, Website Optimization

Making things easier for your customers is sometimes as simple as removing unneeded steps in a process.

How many steps are there between your “Product Page” and the “Thank You For Your Order Page”?

Just for the sake of making it easier for your customer, Can any steps be removed?

The less your customers have to do, the more likely they are to complete checking out.

Abandoned carts are real, it only takes a single distraction to get your customer’s attention away from your site.

If they get frustrated during your check out process, they might just leave on the spot with a negative experience, no longer wanting to do business with you!

“People route around things that stand between them and what they want.” – Seth Godin

Ask your customers for their feedback, have friends make test purchases and critique the process, find the ways you can improve and see how much of a difference it makes 🙂

Did I mention that having a positive experience with you will increase their likeliness of shopping with you again?

Let us know if you were able to find any improvements to your check out process!

– Andrew Kaser

Why optimizing your website’s images is an absolute must!

April 26th, 2018 by in Website Optimization

People want things FAST. When they pull out their cellphone, tablet, or computer and are browsing the internet, fast is what they expect. Demand, almost, considering that google says a significant percentage of traffic leaves your website before it’s even loaded because it took too long!

The problem is that people love photos, they make it easy to communicate and understand things. They’re used heavily on most websites. We have to make the best of a bad situation, and  take every chance we get to save some bandwidth and download time.

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