There is really only one way to manage hundreds upon hundreds of tasks. It always comes down to prioritizing them so that you focus on what needs to get done at the current state of the project, allowing you to get things done when they need to be done and not wasting time through out the project.

Processes allow us to fine tune our strategy with every project we work through. They allow us to stay consistent, plan ahead, and execute at a much higher rate than if everything was just hay wire and chaos. Cars don’t get painted first before getting handled by all the machinery to assemble them. They’ve ironed out the process for efficiency and quality, allowing the paint to look as new as possible when the car rolls off the assembly line.

The best part of processes is that as you can improve them almost every time you work through it! Always looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality, better organize and automate tasks. We write our ideas down and discuss them to see how we can use them to improve the process.  Different projects bring unique challenges to the table and all the sudden we find a way to help improve all of our projects by including this new idea, and everyone on the team benefits from it.

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